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Make sure you are protected from vulnerabilities that can be exploited by Viruses, Spyware and now Ransomware

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Ransomware cryptolocker removal

The FBI is aware of a file encrypting Ransomware known as CryptoLocker. Businesses are receiving e-mails with alleged customer complaints containing an attachment that when opened, appears as a window and is in fact a malware downloader. This downloader then downloads and installs the actual CryptoLocker malware. The verbiage in the window states that important files have been encrypted using a unique public key generated for the computer. To decrypt the files, you need to obtain the private key. A copy of the private key is located on a remote server that will destroy the key after the specified time shown in the window. The attackers demand a ransom of $300 to be paid in order to decrypt the files. Unfortunately, once the encryption of the files is complete, decryption is not feasible. .... The recommended solution is to scrub your hard drive and restore encrypted files from a backup...
10/31/2013 FBI.GOV

The best Defense is Prevention:  The FBI.GOV recommends only going to safe sites but you cannot control the behavior of all your employees and accidents do happen.  What you can do is make sure your systems are protected in the four ways that we recommend. (Firewall, AV, MS Updates and off-site backups)

FirewallWith a current Sonicwall firewalls an organization can block SPAM, SPyWare, Viruses and in appropriate content from coming into their organization.   You can also block Facebook and EBay to help prevent your employees from wasting time online.

Workstation /Server MS UpdatesYour organization should have a SUS server to apply and report the status of MS updates on all workstations and servers in your institution.  Or use a monitoring / managed services, service that applies updates and patches to your systems.

AntiVirus / SpywareYour institution should have a managed AntiVirus Solution that can generate reports about viruses updates, scans and infections.  We commonly use Symantec EndPoint protection for this

Online BackupsYour vital data should be backed up at least once a day and then stored off-site.  There are various products out there that will do this for you but we use Crash Plan Pro, ibackup and Sugarsync.  You can always access your data from a remote location, so if there was a disaster you still have access to your data

Already infected?
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    Help yourself -
Boot to safe mode with networking.
Press Ctrl , Alt, Dlt and end task anything that is not standard.
combofix and malware bytes and let them update
        Run combo fix
        Reboot to safe mode again
        Run Malware twice

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