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Internet Solutions


World Network Systems Knows that you need to have a reliable internet connection. No matter how good your equipment is, if your internet connection doesn't work none of it works.   We have worked with several different national and local companies and have comprised a short list of whom we recommend. We will work with you to obtain internet access, ensure that it is installed and functional with or without our equipment to insure as close to zero down time conversion as possible. 

We can determine the perfect fit for you based on speed requirements, quality of services, budget, and geographic location.  We will also make sure you do not pay more that you should.

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 XO Communications

A premium quality provider of service internet, Point to Point, VOIP services nationwide targeted towards SMB, and Enterprise Businesses. 
* Ethernet
* T1s
* T3s
* Fiber
* VOIP Hosted
* VOIP Trunks
and more

The largest provider in the US for communication services or communication targeting residential, SMB, and Enterprise users.  Their prices range from economical solutions such as DSL to Enterprise solutions such as OC48s.
* Fios
* T1s, T3s
* OC48
* POTs lines

A very popular very fast economical solution for Small to Medium business in the US  Comcast provides speeds up to 100Mbps download and 10 MBps upload.
* Cable internet
* POT(Plain old Telephone) lines over cable
* Television


Formerly Covad and Speak Easy . Covad was known to be able to provide DSL services in areas where Verizon could not.  Speak Easy provided DSL and VOIP services.  They provide a nice solutions with quality of service for VOIP hosted systems.  They are targeting the SMB market.

Feel Free to call and talk to someone in sales at 866-IT-TECHS begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              866-IT-TECHS      end_of_the_skype_highlighting 215-701-8152 extension 2

Frequently Asked Questions

ConnecTechs Fequentlty Asked Questions

World Network Systems has compiled a list of questions that some of our new clients have had during the conversion process.  Click below to read more about what to expect if you were a WiNS client.  


Internet Service Options


Are End-Users complaining about slow speeds, need redundancy, or just looking for a lower price.  World Network Systems partnered ISPs with whom we think are the best ISP providers to offer our clients solutions to meet their needs.


Backup Solutions


World Network Systems Backup Solutions range from  business continuity appliances with virtualization,  disaster recovery, bare metal restore and overnighting new appliance with data  to economical solutions offering off-site storage solutions.